Get free healing assistance from our growing international network of healers. Participation is not restricted to graduates of the Silva Method. This is a Free Spiritual Healing Service available to the general public.

For Silva Method graduates: Practice working health cases and develop your sensitivity so that you can learn how to identify that special feeling that you have when you are at the correct level and you are functioning clairvoyantly.


The Silva Method is a special way to use more of the human mind. Through utilizing the additional capacities of the mind, it is possible to accomplish much more than ever thought possible. People have enhanced their memory and concentration, transformed their health and relationships, increased their earning capacity and even learned to develop their intuition to create and enjoy the life they want!

One of the benefits of utilizing the Silva Method is the ability to detect information and correct abnormalities in people at a distance. This is called casework. This web site allows individuals to submit cases which are passed on to Silva graduates wishing to perform spriritual healing using the Silva Method.


The most valuable technique in the Silva Method is the Caseworking Technique. Why? Caseworking is the only Silva technique that provides immediate feedback that you are functioning at the Alpha level in the subjective dimension that you will attract whatever you need for success. Over and over graduates report that when they practice Caseworking, they get better results on all of their Silva mental programming techniques. Additionally, Caseworking has health benefits for both you and your Case Subjects. When you heal another using the subjective dimension, you also strengthen your own immune system.

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